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pls no
Posted by emilymcsmells on
hi, my name is emily, and i suffer from a terrible genetic condition which makes me smell like a foot.
coyoil, can you please help
Posted by butpirate on
i have sailed all seven seas and one more (if you know what i mean ARR) and ive never heard something so tragic... ARRR
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Hi, i really need some help. I've been wearing wigs to school for the past month because of my terrible balding problem and i think people are starting to notice. any advice will be helpful
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Go dickless
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this is the worst
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All hail the orb
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Ah! Thank god a website with the sense to link its homepage on its other pages in some unobtrusive manner. Plz add mousover text.
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This site is very helpful for getting me off 10/10 would visit again quickscope noscope 360
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i know half of you half as well as i would like, and i like less than half of you half as much as you deserve
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Site is a lil too coy for my taste. I would refer fellow coy boys crying tears of soy to
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DIckless for micheal chiklis, please sponser me to go dickless for chiklis.
#dickchik #momoney #dicklessforchikless
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I will pay triple my offer for this site. Just let me know if this... offends you.
Posted by King Coy on
First things first, I'm the coyest.And you'd better believe that this coy boy will toy with your tears of soy. I'll have you beefing before you even bend your tiny, cowardly knees and try to freakin' move. Sorry to put y'all on a 1 PM blast, but your ass is more than grass - IT'S GLASS. Overall, this site is completely sans-dick for good ole' Mike Chik. Enjoy being coy, you small cowards, and don't mess unless you want to feel my coy, cold aardvark cum.
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She is an angery bitch. But she is calm
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Can anyone here DJ my aunts bris?
Posted by Earl Dingle on
/[email protected]@@@@@@@@[email protected]@@@@@@@-----/
/[email protected]@@@--/
/[email protected]@@--/
Posted by Earl Dingle on
Nailed it.
Posted by Rupert Stumper on
this is dank as fuq and more then a bit coy
Posted by Michael Chiklis on
I approve.
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I smell tooo goood bitches keep getting my shoes wet
Posted by Alittlecoy on
This is a little coy for this little boy
Posted by le memer on
this page is the epitome of aids. i am literally the meming hitler after this page
Posted by Robert Cut Off My Own Penis Fatty Fatty NArr Narr Smoke a Bowl Full of Sour Cream Veggie Burrito Pen on
10000 strong against the CoyOil redesign. They had a perfect game going and they jumped the freakin carp.
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I cum on diz site when i have work 2 do, but now i cum on this site even (stevanz) when i do not have diz to do cuz?>
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Excuse you. Indeed, excuse you.
Posted by CoyKoi on
Hi, I am a real estate mogul, and am currently developing plans to build a luxury high-rise on CoyOil Street. My offer to you is $1million and a half for this domain name.

Unchill attitude may close to door to future negotiations.
Posted by Slide Greasy on
Very Chill. Very Todah
Posted by Amir Valerie Hurwitz on
Get liquid.
Posted by Jon Wolf on
Hello, I am interested in acquiring your website's domain name for... A good cause. No price is too high. Let me know.
- Jon Wolf
Posted by Mickey on
Hello, Amir. You told me to come to this website for free bitcoins but I'm not seeing the link you told me about. Please if you read this return my calls, you said you would be at my house 3 hours ago...
Posted by Chica on
I heard this site was a one-stop shop for mom and pop? But I'm not going to bring my dad around here. This ain't no place for dads.
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yo so, yo so, when it snows my shoes the bleed because my shoes have holes and I can nay afford socks, so.......FUCK A CHEERLEADER TWICE, EAT HER POM POMS. So.....
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I am Adam Norris, and i am the unchillest. I have steaming hot like dat sugababe wit all mi bovril. I have a passion for bread like the king of portugal
Posted by gnomeboy on
my name is Matthew Lenin Lee. I am a coy goy toy boy addicted to oil and have fapped many a time while viewing this moist site. I would like to make a query: what credentials qualify you to advertise yourself as "coy"? I believe this is false advertising and will set the government on you unless you shake shake dat booty my mother smells of jam #ChicklessAndDickless
Posted by Hatthew Bitchingston III on
Hello, my town is being harassed by a man named Jon Wolf, he hunts around my local library luring people into book clubs and then when he tells them he will return the books for them he throws them away and no one can hold him responsible because the other people are liable for the books they checked out it's subtle and not illegal and it has been tearing at the fabric of a close town.
Posted by KosherSemen on
Coy vey! I find this page very shalom.
Posted by ananymouse on
amir this is your father i no i have done u wrong. i have strangled ur friend penis with my legs and i fdd u a gril jizz sandwiche but i am wiling 2 give u anothr chance sone, i am on holywierd bouletard come hither
Posted by Michael Chikless on
I went dick-less for myself, things got real.
Posted by Hi on
This site sucks
Posted by shake the spear on
I have noticed your site is influenced heavily by Shakespearean works. I understand the deep literary references of coyness and appreciate your fine talents. Good day to you.
Posted by global on
Uh, hey. Jon Wolf here. Just wanted to say, my little cousin who was diagnosed with cancer a few weeks ago really wants/needs this website. I am willing to pay $1000 straight cash for this chill website. I'll mail you the money after you give me the website.

Posted by global on
P.S: Your captcha is a diva
Posted by Bilorv420 on
i do enjoy a meaty brothel
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пропаганды гомосексуализма
Posted by Magnus Hammersmith on
Coyoil is what I live for. Coyoil is what I breathe for. Coyoil is what i'll die for. Now that's a humble brag.
Posted by Todd on
despicible meeeeee
Posted by So... on

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give a friend a ham sandwich, homie!
Posted by Colin Pauli on
I like Jake Straus. He is my friend. He and I make music together. Our music is not good, nor is it bad. Listening to our music is like eating a bread sandwich.
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How is this good? How is this fair?
Posted by Your mom on
Posted by larence on
That's fair-its more than fair
Posted by sample text on
fuck this quack you're a hack
Posted by Posted by Posted by on Apr 15th, 2015 on Apr 15th, 2015 on
this site turn me on so much i cant poop
Posted by spooky on
Posted by Axel-erator on
What a greasy oil pit.

... I think I like it... ;)

Ooh, am I being coy?
Posted by Sforzando Gyms & Spas on
hello,, I found this website throgh a good friend and I thiNk it is is very informational. I weould recommend more top con tent
Posted by Michael Chiklis on
Bad site? Nah. Bad YOU.
Posted by Parm on
Posted by Cherry Dude on
Would anyone like to move into a muffin?
Posted by coy.jpg on
ווי זייער קלוימערשט שעמעוודיק
Posted by crandise on
to say the very least this website is so todah
that im have a pussy
Posted by no fettucini alfredo pls on
I saw Amir Shmuel Blumenfeld at a grocery store in Los Angeles yesterday. I told him how cool it was to meet him in person, but I didn’t want to be a douche and bother him and ask him for photos or anything.

He said, “Oh, like you’re doing now?”

I was taken aback, and all I could say was “Huh?” but he kept cutting me off and going “huh? huh? huh?” and closing his hand shut in front of my face. I walked away and continued with my shopping, and I heard him beefing as I walked off. When I came to pay for my stuff up front I saw him trying to walk out the doors with like fifteen microphones in his hands without paying.

The girl at the counter was very nice about it and professional, and was like “Sir, you need to pay for those first.” At first he kept pretending to be tired and not hear her, but eventually turned back around and brought them to the counter.

When she took one of the bars and started scanning it multiple times, he stopped her and told her to scan them each individually “to prevent any audiovisual infetterence,” and then turned around and winked at me. I don’t even think that’s a word. After she scanned each mic and put them in a bag and started to say the price, he kept interrupting her by yawning really coyly.
Posted by the coyest boy amir shmoo shmoo hermself on
im a coy boy a very coy boy ahoy hoy oy vey
Posted by Broken Ballrooms on
I have become a clingy smulge of myself.
Posted by Jon Wolf on
I'm a coy diva roach
Posted by Cheryl on
I saw Jon Wolf at a local library. He was getting out young teen books and burning them at home. Since they're kids books, there is no late fee so he insists that they're just late. He does this often and is planning to slowely bankrupt all libraries.

He's coy and a brazen coward. Technically still legal though.
Posted by Amir on
All you circle jerking diva roaches....
Posted by Jake on
@therealpauldano on Twitter!

Total eclipse
Posted by MICKEY MY FRIEND! on
This website made my dad so mad he moved.......
But you know what I told him?
Take that entire order and shove it up your ass. That's right, shove it up your goddamn ass.
Posted by Somedude on
Posted by chilldude22 on
What's that? I have a string beenus and you have a big penis?
Posted by GeORGY on
Для легализации транссексуалов в кафе я стою.
Posted by Wikipædia on
Posted by Kevin on
So subtle.........
Posted by Sulu Candles on
I have some complaints.
Posted by carrot slat on
Yes sulu?
Posted by Coal not Dole on
Maggie Thatcher
MILF catcher
I just came
Into a giraffe turd
Posted by Donald Trump on
The DPRK has some chill beats I think this site would benefit from.
Posted by CoyTsar on
This website feels like an enema to the eye. Glorious shit filling my pupils
Posted by Jeremy Corbine Harvester on
I would like to nationalise this very chill site
Posted by penis dickling, THE GOOSE on
if there's something gay, in your neighborhood
who you gonna call?
Posted by dj schmoo moo on
crustacean drool cube
Posted by Nicholas the Almighty Overseer of Serfs on
Danoobian principalities.
Posted by clapper the flapper on
Jon Wolf is a public menace. He has been going around licking all the doorknobs in my town and when I asked him to stop he told me he was just doing some spring cleaning. It was mid-July.
Posted by Coy vey! on
I am young, dumb and covered in cum. Email me @ 631-960-7187 for a good time.
Posted by Mao Zedong on
Long live the coyest proletarian cuntural revolution. I'll collectivize dat ass tho
Posted by the guy that sucked his dick on
Posted by it's AMIRacle on
fuck that gob you a dob
Posted by 319 emails? on
Everybody has been acting coy to me since 2003.
Posted by michael chiklis shit in the copier on
Posted by re: 319 emails? on
You Lucky Devil!
Posted by Robert Cut-off-my-own-penis fatty-fatty-nar-nar smoke-a-bowl-full-of-sour-cream veggie-burrito penis on
go rogue for vogue
Posted by Spunkalicious on
i really like his romance the white guy or gay? i wanna fuck him yea
Posted by cock future on
i'm not gonna let some quack in a van hack me up with a can for fifty bucks
Posted by Gordan Ramsay on
Why has god abandonded us?
Posted by Gordon Ramsay you sucka loada cockamole on
Nobody aksed for your SHITTY INPUT, Gordon.
Posted by Niko on
You coy for this one, Rick!
Posted by jew on
Can we not just have peace? On this site, in the glory of God, we can achieve peace in our time. Just forget your troubles and go dickless for Michael Chiklis. Amen.
Posted by Michael Chiklis on
Go dickless for Michael Chiklis
Posted by QUEEN dweeb on
What website even is this use look to like it for?
Posted by dade on
my phone is never over 4% batterey
Posted by AMIR Valerie Blumenfled on
Think you're pretty? YOU AINT.
Posted by aSNEER on
who knows the muffin boy
Posted by danubian prince of palette E on
Auto-erotic asphyxiation is one hell of a brag.
Posted by Crowe Russell on
Happy half b-daie to me! Now sit down!
Posted by he was bread the whole time on
blurree sog
Posted by Coy Borscht on
Get tae fuck with yer wee ISIL fellas. Scotland, land of large genitalia and shoddy food, will show yae a true spanking if yer've ever heard 'a one. Yer've got faces like a a skelped erse, 'n yae can just go awa' n bile your head, fecking bawjaws. Prepare yer anus for trident. HMNB Clyde 'n its nukes'll fuck yer wee fanny, givin' Putin(dicks-up-his-anus) a run for his money. An' while we're at it get tae fuck Ass-sad, ye wee scounder.

RIP in pieces. Fight for the clan folk!
Posted by Nikolai Smirnov on
We should kill stunt double, he's getting in the way.
Posted by O Tannenbaum on
The Ginger's hair is deepest red
Not all of it is on his head
Some of it is on his pubes
Nick sent me those sexy nudes

Though cowards flinch and tr8tors sneer
Let's all agree no gingers here
Posted by you shall not be getting a gift bag from me on
My own penis? Cut it off, I say!
Posted by Bob on
Stop telling me I have a stroke.
Posted by flobbity floobity i'm gonna suck ur anus off on
bob you get stroked every day
Posted by Robert Shart-on-my-own-wife Fatty Fatty Nar Nar Butt Chug a Bowl Full of Soy Dream Vegan Burrito Bee on
Coil. That's right, coil. Am I being coy?
Posted by Ich verstehe nur Bahnhof on
Coil the foil till the doyle is goyle. Coy vey my bubbe is gay.
Posted by Literally Your Mother on
Literally the only person claiming this is a porn site is you, Biltong McFilmong. Nobody else. Literally just you. Why? Do you WANT Jake and Amir to do porn together? You literal sick fuck, you. Sickus fuckus youus. I would never give such coy bitchlies away for no more bare shekel!! you monster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!pissoff!!!!! YOU may think you're being chill, but you ain't. You ain't seen nothing yet. You wait and see, you fuckboi.

P.S. I know what you *REALLY* did to Hanniabal. I bet you didn't did not have sexual relations with that Tannenbaum. .... I know I would ;)

Ooh, am I being coy? ;)))
Posted by Hannibal on
I miss the times when you were here
telling me to have no fear
To hold up my branches high and strong
and add dank weed to my glass bong

I miss the way you look at me
As if I were a Christmas tree
The path I'm on might hurt and scathe
But all goes well if you just get baked

I miss the sound of your sweet voice
Through bitter times so fucking coy
You told me what was right and wrong
But smoked the bong for far too long

A caring person, you were such
That touched and fucked me, oh so much
You'd guide and mislead me through the day
You left me lonely when I'd rather you stay

Over things like that you had no control
A log set in motion will continue to roll
No matter how hard you tug and heave
You were always pushed and forced to leave

Then one day you never returned
My sap so hot it almost burned
Aware now about what I lack
But crying and mourning won't bring you back

For me to let out what I need to say
I can't do much more than masturbate
No longer am I weak, my roots quite strong
From adding some dank weed, to a dank glass bong.

Love from Hannibal.
Posted by WETA on
I was told this website is porn. There ain't no porn here. There are some vile rumours being spread around.
Posted by Igo Zuminof on
Oh my ge
Posted by humble fumble on
You want porn? (_)_) ::::::Dick
Posted by Not a Soviet spy on
Hello Me old China plate comrades;
I am happy Englishman not working for Putin on way to Russian consulate in Edinburg. Please tell me where it is. Thank you and tea and bake well tarts what what, да?
Mr. Hubert Ivanovitch Atkinson.
Posted by Not a Soviet spy on
Christmas time, tuna chunks in brine.

Привет, my good ol' chummy сука coy boys! It is your good ol' Inglish friend Hubert Ivanovsky once again! Haha! Please tell me where the nearest Russian Embassie is, for real this time. I am at the Nandoes in Carlisle with my good friend Mikhail Khoppechenka. HE IS NO POLITICSL PRISONERS OF RUSSIC FEDERATION.
Yours sincerely,

Hubert Иванович Atkniksonl
Posted by Leave a Reply on
Please type the letters and numbers shown in the image.

What is this? Some sort of interrogation?
Posted by C-charles on
If you take a seal and hit it very hard in the face everyday for 6 weeks, then you might end up with a very nice hat
Posted by Hubert Cumberdale on
I want to grasp hobnobinals rod one last time
Posted by Catholic Priest on
I'd grab anyones rod Hubert.
Posted by MasonButtface on
Bit saucy
Posted by goreden on
who even is this
Posted by Michael Cockless on
go sockless
Posted by Michael Dickless on
go chikless
Posted by Mikhail Tschikiliz on
To the creators of this site:
I'm sorry.
Yours sincerely,
Posted by Mikhail Anokhin Dudnik on
Russians do not say sorry!
Posted by Iain Duncan Smith on
Why am I still alive?
Posted by Bill Cosby on
Give me 5 minutes and you'll wish you weren't.
Posted by Kim Jong Uwonnagom9 III on
Getting stoked for Chairman Mao's BDay on the 26th? I know I am.
Posted by twink on
hari krishna
Posted by The Truth on
Posted by Lord Hunty McSquiffington-Ffarquar on
"Video of the year" is now out of date in The UK. I DESIRE A REFUND.
Posted by ggGgGGG on
Posted by Eve Johnson on
God bless you coy bastards
Posted by jock in a sock on
God bless you coy bastards
Let nothing ye dismay
Remembeer the Video of the Year
Was the same this day (last year)
Something something something something
You are really gay
O tidings of cum tit and soy
Cum tit and soy
O tidings of cum tit and soy
Posted by Gibbon Nobbig on
What was that german song with the scream at the end? I saw it on BBC news when they were showing a clip of 911 and I need to know what the soundtrack was.
Posted by erotic watermelon on
Posted by Adolf Trump on
Deutschland Deutschland Uber Alles!
Uber Alles in der Welt!
Posted by deja poo on
my name is coy goy and toy and I am a matthew. back in my land of italia i fuck a girl they say is a man but her penis look real to me! i like to smoke the bovril yummy slurp yummy every day at quarter past illegal.
Posted by Marge Blimpson on
Take it to the limit
Posted by balf on
and ye go no further
Posted by u'll see my name later u bish on
Dear Balf,

Your name is so disgusting, I died the moment I read it. I am now a ghost. Thank you very much.

Yours sincerely,
Fuckface McFartInAGlass VII.
Posted by Judas Iscariot on
Fuck Jesus.

This so-called 'Messiah' gets fucking vexed when I attempt to compensate with rough BDSM anal sex for my betrayal of him. How fucking uptight. How fucking rude.

I'm glad the bugger's getting rekt by the Jews.
Posted by Jesus Christ on
Fuck off Judas you big-nosed shit. The only reason I was discontent with your offer was because I didn't want you to shit on my stomach when my sandals were still on. And oy vey to your Jew threat you adolescent worm; the Judean people can suck my schlong.
Posted by Bear Grylls on
Ate raw testes today.
Was good.
Bad aftertaste though.
Maybe gay porn isn't for me.
Posted by Rusty Trombone on

Good song. Get it to number one on charts please thankyou.
Posted by Vanquisher of cock on
I was having an argument with my roommate when the delivery man arrived holding a fish and a spice. I said to him this isn't the thyme or the plaice.
The vanquisher of cocks tells FuNNy JoKEs =)))))))))))))
Posted by You can shake my spear any day of the week, I'm free on
Piss off, you wanton ambling nymph;
I, that am curtailed of this fair proportion,
Cheated of this feature by dissembling Nature
Have a string beenus.
Posted by President Bashar al-Assad on
I was sat in the bath, counting my legs and soaping my naughty bits...
Posted by Bernie Sancucks on
List of U.S. Presidents that were (and shall be) cucks:

George Washingcuck
John Acucks
Thomas Cuckerson
James Cuckison
James Moncuck
John Quincuck Adams
Andrew Cuckson
Martin Van Burcuck
William Henry Harricuck
John Cuckler
James K(uck) Polk
Zachuckary Taylor
Millard Fillcuck
Frankuck Pierce
James Cuckanan
Abraham Lincuck
Andrew Cuckson
Ulysees S Cuck
Rutherford B Cucks
James A Cuckfield
Cuckster A Arthur
Grover Cuckland
Benjamin Cuckland
Grover Clevecuck
William McKuckley
Theodre Roosecuck
William Howard Cuck
Woodrow Wilcuck
Warren G Cucking
Calvin Cucklidge
Herbert Hoocuck
Franklin D Roosecuck
Harry S Cuckman
Dwight D Eisencucker
John F Cuckedy
Lyndon B Cuckson
Ricuck Nixon
Gerald Cuck
Jimmy Cucker
Ronald Reacuck
George H W Cuck
Bill Clincuck
George W Cuck
Bacuck Obama
Donald Cuckump - Make America cuck again!
Cuckye West 2020
Posted by Stanley Cuckwalski on
What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you drab old noob? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Gaudy University of West Virginia, and I've been involved in numerous secret gaudy missions with prototype seeds, and I have over 300 confirmed sexual classifications. I am trained in gaudy seed-bearning warfare and I’m the utmost important richly feathered male bird among hens in the entire world. You are nothing to me but just another rookie. I will knock you the fuck out with bearings of seeds the likes of which have never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with acting like the scum of gaudy seed-bearing that you are? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my gaudy seed bearing friends groups across the DPRK and your movements are being tracked right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The bearing of seeds that clouds out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You’re fucking chicken feed, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can seed you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my recalcitrant seeds. Not only am I extensively trained in seed bearing combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the best seed harvesters in the country who possess the most gaudy emblems you've ever seen. and I will use them to their full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your bullshit talks about rewrapped seeds and "special Omega 4 seeds" was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have kept your tasteful seeds in your mouth instead of talking. But you couldn't, you didn't, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will eject clouds of seeds all over your face and you and you will cough in it. You’re fucking budgie feed, kiddo.
Posted by Jeremy Cuckbyn on
Sad news from the Korean Central News Agency of DPRK this morning concerning the privatisation of this very coy website as part of Article 14 of the TTIP agreement made between the EU and the USA.

Supreme Leader Kim Kardashi-Un bestows upon thee his/her deepest condolences, and will be attending the funeral of this very chill website on a rather drizzly yet somewhat coy Sunday afternoon, on the 11th of September 2016.

For this occasion, his utmost Supremeness wishes to gift you all with a song his inbred son wrote before he was executed for being inbred:

"Our Beloved Leader is wise,
He is gentle, kind, and strong.

We wish him joy,
We wish him peace,
We wish him love,
And the one thing in our time we wish
More than this...

Is for the United States
To explode in a ball of fiery hell.

May they be forced to starve and beg
And be ravaged by disease.
May they be helpless, poor,
And sad and cold.

They are arrogant and fat!
They are stupid and they're evil.
May they drown in their own blood and faeces!

Die America, die!
Oh please won't you die?

It would fill my tiny little heart with joy.
May your women all be raped by beasts of the jungle
While your children are forced to watch."

Posted by Kraftcuck on
Wir fahr'n fahr'n fahr'n auf der Autobahn.
Posted by Black market tailor of somewhat cheap yet universally humble brags on
I had dinner with my sweetie at his humble abode the other night I knew he’d make a special treat with his gaudy emblem
Posted by poog on
Posted by Jürgendliche Hinterwasser on
Don't forget to "pack up your Bovril in your own grand-mother"
Posted by adolescent maid on
hospitals are evil meat and i can stand
Posted by liaison everybody this is guy sukt dic on
STieglerHeil the milkiman
Posted by Lio on
Coy Oil? More like Soy Broil!

yes dude.
Posted by shunned gecko dot net on
prone to the no phone zone fuck a drone twice lower the tone
Posted by chinaaaaa on
Posted by Email inquiries at on
By entering this porn site, clicking the gray "post coyment" button below, you agree to the following terms and conditions: You certify that you are 69 years of age or older (lel), and are not offended by sexually explicit imagery or coy brazenness. You agree that you will not permit any person(s) under 69 years of age to have access to any of the materials contained within this site.
Posted by propane mahommid on
coy oil has popularity that makes me exfoliate. dont laugh though as i am a young negro maid with a rare skin condition. you consideration is welcome.
Posted by wazzock_warlock-69-69 on
Pip pip!
Posted by even-wazzocker-warlord on
go pipless for michael chipless
Posted by No one on
asked for
Posted by You are SHITTY on
input, gorden.
Posted by Michael Rosen has entered the building on
Shit gets real at the end there
Posted by A Venus Fly Trap on
Please don't tread on my cheeseburger
He's my only friend in the whole wide world
Posted by Historical archives frag off the press 1991 on
Posted by Purple22tip on
Where in this whole video do they even mention Jehovah Witnesses? Or, the bible? it's only referred to as the "good book" and "full of happiness". Why they even had to go 33 min when they could have finished in 10, I don't know. They were already full scale fucking by 5 min into it. Geez, let us the viewer, have our fantasy and stop adding the little tidbit of too much info to draw away from the fantasy in the end. He didn't even fuck her in the ass, but had plenty of time to do it.
Posted by Georgelovessex on
someones getting disfellowshipped. lol
Posted by Mr. Klaus Moshny on
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Posted by GET BEET on
Posted by I am the Queen of Holland on
Good moaning mr. coy oil! my name is "char-lotty" macbrennenmeister and i am the chill princess of bel air. i wish to frack this coy (yet a little bit brazen) webshite for a small loan of $1million roubles #Putin5PrimeMunster. I am staaming hot vicarage wit all mi vanquished cockadoodledoos. baybay you got me crayzay with a melancholic sombrero. i have a passion for fez like the sultana of maracco. shake shake dat bootay like the salt of the earth my mother is a trampoline but shE ain't no meme queen. bbrrrr brrr it's cold this winter in st. beeterspurge tonight m'lady.
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mickey mouse is a rat
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as i sit here fondling my exterior and floccinaucinihilipilificating this wanton wench

hence, begone
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Gurkhas of the world, Israelite! you have nothing to peruse butt your Great Danes! seize the soy beans of suction - fight back against the upper itchy loins of this castration anxiety!
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Ay, there's the rub!
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How much wood would a woodchuck fuck if a woodfuck has A MASSIVE FUCKING DICK PENETRATING YOUR PATHETIC EXCUSE FOR AN ARSEHOLE !!!?? Asking for a friend....

lol pingas

fuNNy Jokes XDD
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Dear Jake and Amir and the inventors of CoyOil;

For the Harvest Festival at my primary school (that's Elemetry School for you yanks) I remember doing a great speech on yams. Your video "Yams" made me remember those days fondlingly. The year was 1991 (even better), Gaddafi was the Prime Minister of #Douchebag and Neville Chamberlain had invaded the Rhinoplasty, and the Video of the Year on CoyOil was EXACTLY THE FUCKING SAME AS IT IS NOW. Bish.
Now, if you'll excuse me; I gotta eat the yams.

Yours Sin Ceres,
Jittlingly Frictis
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this website is an lunatic asylum
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My penis is very small and smells of prawns, my friend who I experiment with (NOT GAY!) says it makes him feel sick to suck it. I know I can't make my penis bigger, but I want it to stop smelling of prawns. I shower every other day with a hot wet sponge and spend 5 minutes sponge doing vigorous rubbing (I think you know what I mean) until my end is sore, but no it still smells. Coyoil, can you please help?
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the url is gay
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Epidermodysplasia verruciformis is a rare, heritable disease characterized by an unusual susceptibility to infection with specific types of human papillomavirus and a propensity for developing malignant skin tumours.
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There was a young Bobbert from Stoke
Who in the hallways would frequently stroke
He fell on the ground
And made a great sound
Caffe-Latte sued his family and he's broke
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of this website the use yes? what even is it? it look to like it for.
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JON WOLF STRIKES AGAIN!! This time, he has been posting many unfunny comments on in an attempt to destroy the reputation of this very humble site. Plz can someone stop him - he knows these acts are brazen and cowardly but they're technically still legal.
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Just here to tell you that I am now going to be a womnom, so if you refer to me as a man you are a misodgeinicle patriachyal racist sexist man swine and I will get triggered.
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since the coy community is cuRrently in swaziland, i woUld like for a moment to aSk that no one goes near my kneecapS agaIn. for yeArs, i have felT as though someone was watching, pReyIng on my Poor kneecaps. and i wish for an end t this
Posted by King Charles XXX Transsexual Pornography on
dear "amir's dad",

i Feel your pain and also yoUr butt. switzerburg is a very Coy community but also quite subtle. people can be legally Killed there sO jon wolF is using this tactic to quite brazenly put his enemies to death by pretending they are ninety year old women. this practice has to stop but the king of swastikaland is simply reFusing to address this issue. plz send help.
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What do you call a snobbish criminal going down the stairs?

A condescending con descending
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I called jake a pu55y on snapchat. He read it. No response.
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There's no "I" in "meme".
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> EU referendum
[audience laughter]
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"Held her hands and squeezed their fruits
Against her mouth to make her eat."

Account of forcible feeding by a brazen Suffragette for being a rowdy rebel in the presence of the Welsh Wizard (and firebombing his swamp).
Posted by The Welsh Wizard on
Give me the leadership of the united kingdom
(gets Sankey commission)
NO! I don't want that!
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Why the fucking music on the video of the year! Hated it! I will have to watch it and cum to it with the volume on MUTE!
Posted by Richard III on
The readiest way to make the wench amends is to remove the faecal matter adhering to her hairy buttocks.
Posted by Andrew Marvell on
Had we but world enough and time,
This coyness, lady, were no crime.
We would sit down, and think which way
To walk, and pass our long love’s day.
Thou by the Indian Ganges’ side
Shouldst rubies find; I by the tide
Of Humber would complain. I would
Love you ten years before the flood,
And you should, if you please, refuse
Till the conversion of the Jews.
Posted by humbleamazingman on
I love you. Take care of yourself and the people around you.
Posted by Ninja on
To have self awareness is the ultimate gift, and to live without it, the ultimate curse.
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"Coyoil ist ein piece of shit" – Adolf J. Hitler, "Mind Cramp", 1876
look who youre agreeing with now. HATERZ!!
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ba na na what's my name
compost bin
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Dear Amir

We don't live where we did when you left home.

Your dad read in the paper that most accidents happen within 20 miles from your home so we moved.


Saddam Hussein (your dad)
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for you endeavour not to pass an enough frightening kind under wires on which pigeons sit because they can easily lower your reputation,,,
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Helo my name is badam horris and I have an allergy to wheaty orange
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ya idiot
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i fuck trees real good ;)
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yes dude
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fuck ceramics and clay
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I have a gaping triangular hole

April fools
Posted by Tai Lopez on
Tai Lopez here in my garage with my
Posted by Tai Lopez on
Tai Lopez here in my garage with my

p e n i s
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Pseudocholinesterase may refer to:

- Butyrylcholinesterase, an enzyme
- Aryl-acylamidase, an enzyme
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Best Of Luck for new Initiative!
Posted by Josh on
Tick Dicklers
Posted by The real Josh this kid above is a fraud. I demand an apology on
I, For one, RESENT that statement!
Posted by Homograph banter 420 on
Well I, for one, RESENT *that* statement! Haha, what an funny pun.
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I have an uncontrollable fetish for austere economic measures.
Posted by i am a neW meme sir Please send me on
I take 5 pill Viagra today, now pain in my penis and penis erect. It is pain and I can not wear pants. I am distress! I can not have ambulance, my penis is erectioned!
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John Wolf is a public menace. Every day he walks to the local NHS practice, and every day tells the receptionist that he has "a problem with his hair". The receptionist replies with "Which one?", as she needs to hit her yearly joke quota, according to new legislation. John then points out a specific hair, and has it removed by a trained doctor, costing the taxpayers literally hundreds of tax. So far, he has had over 5,000 hairs removed and shows no sign of stopping. It's not technically illegal. but a tad coy.
Posted by Danson Blip on
What's up my coy girls and boys. Guess what? I'M UNEMPLOYED! That's right! I pushed one dumb Wisconsin couple into a ravine, and suddenly, I'm not "fit to be a tour guide". How is that fair? How is that right?

Now I'm a beggar of myself, clamoring for handouts like a hero or whatever. I am cold, wet, scared and very coy. Please give me some advice on how to get these passerby fucks to give me CASH. I'm talking that green guap shit: big bills, or even some lincolns if I'm so lucky. I'm $14.90 away from my goal so I can order Lonely and Horny. I want/need dis. Please help.
Posted by Strawberry Bob on
I do 25 mark essays for salt ;)
Posted by Salti Bobalti on
my open wounds are uncomfortable as i dress them with the product of my loose liquid bowel movements
Posted by Jon Wolf shat in my handbag on
When Jon Wolf solves a Diophantine equation of the form x³ = y² + n, he uses complex conjugates to factorise the right hand side and forms a quadratic integer ring of the form ℤ[√-n] to find integer pairs for x and y. However, this ring does not always have unique factorization domain and thus he loses valid solutions!! It's so subtle but it's still very important.
Posted by Naibobi on
"I am so fucking killed" ~ Bobberto, 2016
Posted by Tree Quotes on
Posted by Friedrich Wilhelm Viktor Albrecht von Preußen on
Squeeze me until my pips squeak
Posted by Greasy sausage on
My name is Iain. It has two i's because I am self involved
I've been having trouble with the mold by my kitchen sink it keeps telling me that I 'shouldn't call it mold' and that 'Iain our marriage has been falling apart for years because you keep making me do the dishes.' The mold is yellow and won't leave me alone. I've tried using bleach but that just makes it scream.
Does anybody have any home remedies to make the mold disintegrate
(Preferably involving hookers or a packet of anal beads)

- with love,
Iain the mold man
Posted by Tree fucker the first on
I can't stop fucking trees and I hear there is a new guy on the block that shares this obsession.
Back off you madman. What kind of person (excluding me) does that sort of shit.
Posted by Anne le Mann on
Imagining Richard of Gloucester's naked body whilst wiggling my toenails in Fairy Liquid.
Posted by Grandpa on
I'd like to insult Jon Wolfe, but then legally, he'd be in the right and I'd be in the wrong. There's absolutely no winning
Posted by Hamas on
Posted by Hamas on
*Ha lol
Posted by Bob Ross on
What do you call a comedic vegetable with a passion for painting?

An arty-joke.
Posted by Julius Beesar on
I recently met this lovely fellow named Brutus, although I've heard some of his friends call him "Jon Wolf". He is the nicest, most honest person I know. Lots of people in the senate are simply coy and brazen cowards, but this man is exactly the opposite: a brazen and coy hero.
Posted by Hay-Dawg on
I like to let my feet sweat collect in my shoes and dry and it becomes like a cheese like substance. I have yet to eat it but it smells like cheese so I don't see why not to eat it. It's organic.
Posted by Mark on
SHE WANTS THE Destruction of the patriarchy
Posted by Go dickless for Tsar Nicholas on
Listen up everybody
This is the Lenin
That overthrew my regime
Overthrew my regime
Overthrew my regime

Bolshevik please
Bolshevik please
A glass of your most popularly supported uprising
Absolutely I have 25 October
That's good that's good
MMMM even better
Posted by Herr Himmler on

Deutschland is good man -
Hitler was an alright bloke.
Hit a Jew with ham.
Posted by Alex Jones not the One show presenter the guy who did the thing with Piers Moron on
You know when it takes to long to load coyoil from work? Yeah? That's the government hacking your internet, buddy. Crush the NWO ZOG shills. Visit
Posted by meeshaha on
who'd believe a diva happy to relieve a chorus girl who's gone and slept with the patron???????????
Posted by Henry VIII on
Thank you for updating this website. I am thinking of using it to replace all the monasteries I have just dissolved #yolo

Begone ye moderne New Age memery
Posted by ApartheidStarter263 on
Posted by definitely not a new age memer on
fuck me in my shrimp dick for pennies on the dollar these hos on coyoil who dont even know the gr8 works of 'jake and our mayor' should be purged.
Posted by Miso Gyny on
The teletubbies seem to live in a communist utopia called teletubby-land. These degenerates don't do any work and they live a very hedonistic lifestyle. They just prance around and play without any care or responsibilities. When they make a mistake, they just go "uh oh".
Posted by Boss Man Bing on
Did one of you coy boys scrawl "ging" on a table in the exam hall?
Posted by Jon on
This site has literally been plagued by petty weebs armed with shite memes.
Posted by Lonely and Horny on
I love this new internet site!

email me for a good time [email protected]
Posted by Blazeit93 on
i ordered a fish the other day but it didn't swim when I put it in water it just lay at the bottom like Kate Winslet. So I got the idea of what it wanted and drew it like I think it's called a 'French girl'. it looked very beautiful.
That's the last time I order a fish from tesco.
It said it smoked so I thought the fish could teach me how to be cool. Why do the good die so young
- just a guy that wants to be one of the cool kids
Posted by jeremy sleazingburg on
cucumber water makes me feel alive inside...
I think to myself deep down.
this is why
I am a vegan
I eat man meat
JS 2k16
Posted by 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 on
fuk nut
Posted by Adolphus Hitlerstein on
I am genuinely in love with Anne Frank. She was beautiful, witty, and graceful young woman who light was snuffed out far too early.

I frequently fantasize about being Peter van Pels hiding with her.

Oh god, just imagine deflowering that sweet girl on a lazy Amsterdam afternoon, lying and learn what each other's bodies were for.

Now imagine nine months later, she's got a massive bulging stomach from carrying your child inside of her and it seems like she’s gonna pop any moment now. Her popped belly button makes it look like she's got a giant third boob where her stomach once was. She waddles around and can barely move half of the time. She's developed an insatiable craving for your dick and you've likewise developed a taste for her pussy. You’re both cooped up in an attic all day have nothing better to do besides fuck like an unsustainable third world population. You lie down on your back, she strips off her almost comically too small clothes and kneels on top of you. She grabs a hold of your rock hard cock, inserts it deep inside of her, and begins to ride you like a stallion. You feel the pressure from her incredible weight and huge round belly bearing down on you but the indescribable pleasure of her tight pussy throbbing on you cock negates any discomfort. You sink into her beautiful soul, into that secret place where no one dares to go. After 30 minutes, you and her are both moaning with ever greater intensity, you know it won't be long now. Suddenly, you feel your cock shaking like a V-2 rocket and the orgasm reaches it's climax as your cum literally explodes like an 88mm AT round inside her Sherman tank, blowing the turret right off. You and her both join as one, souls screaming from the sheer ecstasy. As the elation wears off, she lies next to you. Too exhausted to do anything else, you simply hold her in your embrace. In that moment, there is no family squabbles, no Nazis, no war. Just you and her, watching the sky turn pink with the setting sun.

She reaches over to grab a rag she uses to clean up your oozing jizz. Her father looks at you approvingly, knowing that you are treating his daughter to the very best of the situation.

Suddenly, you hear a scuffle in the house below. The gestapo is searching the home, and they are threatening to discover the drawstring which will pull down the secret stairs. A loud thud signals their arrival and the end of your hiding.

As the first soldier pops his head up the hole, Anne's father makes a heroic effort of self-sacrifice trying to attack the soldier and wrest his weapon from his grasp. He fails, and the soldiers compatriots end her fathers life in the staccato of gunfire.

You hold your beautiful, nearly ready to burst Anne behind you, trying to keep the Nazi scum from getting to your sweet love oven. All three soldiers are up the tiny steps now, leveling a gun at your heads.

One of the guards notices Anne's condition. He says something under his breath to the other soldiers, and then gives his weapon to one of the others. He begins to take off his uniform. The other two guards force you to the side and the first gets down on his knees and places his head in front of Anne's sweet snatch. He buries his face in that pussy and begins to lick and suck out your freshly deposited jizz, hungry like a dog, sucking as if it were the fuhrer's own cock he was meant to please.

You are forced to watch as each soldiers takes a turn penetrating Anne's pussy and ass repeatedly. She tries not to enjoy their forced violations, but after a time she forgets her sorrow at her fathers death and the humiliation of her plight and begins to plead for the soldiers to go harder and faster.

You watch as their semen coats her thighs. You are helpless against the guns pointed at your head. In defeat, you begin to stroke your own cock, masturbating to the utter defeat you have suffered to the superior Nazi sexual energy.

The fortnights of entrapment in the attic have also worn down Anne's mother and sister. They succumb to their own wanton needs, baring their bodies to the German cocks in front of them. The soldiers completely ignore the haggard Jew pussy of Anne's mother, instead focusing on cock pushing your baby around in Anne's stomach more and giving her little sister the first pleasure she has ever experienced.

Anne's mother, in desperation to cum, crawls over to you, taking your cock in her mouth. The soldiers are so busy they can barely keep their guns trained, but one of them has the presence of mind to realize what is going on. Before you are able to cum in Anne's mother's mouth, the soldier screams the words "Heil Hitler!", and shoots you and her in the heads.

Anne's final observation as she reaches orgasm again is the sight of your cock blasted off by the same bullet which blew the top off her mothers head. She can't understand the feelings of pleasure and horror she is experiencing. Neither can the soldiers, who put a bullet in her head as well.

Your child suffocates in the womb of her dead mother, it's final friends the rampaging sperm of the Nazi invasion forces.
Posted by Jürgen Rodney on
ohh na na what me name
it's ya birthday
party like it's 1986
Posted by gay on
hello i am gay

Posted by Bort on
Is The Simpsons still subversive?
By Martin Rosenbaum
Producer, Whose side is Bart Simpson on?, BBC Radio 4

"I will not instigate revolution." That's what Bart has to write out repeatedly in an early episode of The Simpsons, which traditionally begins with him chalking up punishment lines on the class blackboard.

The Simpsons

Listen to the programme
It went along with the notion that The Simpsons was a subversive show which annoyed teachers, parents and the establishment.

But is Bart still a rebel, or nowadays would he write instead "I must not uphold family values"?

The Simpsons has certainly revolutionised animation and its role in popular culture.

The TV show has now reached a remarkable 400 episodes since starting in 1989.

The designs and catchphrases of the characters ("Doh!") are instantly recognisable to a worldwide audience.


And next month the first Simpsons movie will open with enormous publicity across the globe, after a premiere in an American town that shares the name of the show's fictional setting Springfield.

This is quite an anarchic and liberal-left assault on that idea of the family, but it's done with great humour and although ideological, it isn't preaching
Andrew Neil, who brought The Simpsons to the UK

Simpsons quiz
When it began it also caused outrage from some authority figures.

American schools banned pupils from wearing Bart's famous "Underachiever - and proud of it, man" T-shirt.

The first President Bush proclaimed "We're going to strengthen the American family to make them more like the Waltons and less like the Simpsons".

Soon afterwards the show retaliated when Bart responded, "We're just like the Waltons, we're praying for an end to the depression too".

"It's a parody of the conservative paradigm of the nuclear family," says Andrew Neil, who brought The Simpsons to the UK when he was head of Sky Television in the early 1990s.

"This is quite an anarchic and liberal-left assault on that idea of the family, but it's done with great humour and although ideological, it isn't preaching."

Hapless teachers

That represents the world view of Matt Groening, the talented underground cartoonist who created the show for Twentieth Century Fox when Rupert Murdoch's Fox television network was desperate to make its mark.

Groening says the basic message of the show is that those in authority do not necessarily have your best interests at heart.

Inevitably success makes you part of the establishment
Tim Long
Simpsons writer
Victims of the show's ridicule include the hapless teachers who cannot cope without their teachers' guides, the corrupt Kennedyesque town mayor, the incompetent police chief, not to mention the arch-capitalist owner of the local and rather dangerous nuclear power plant.

But while it annoyed many conservative and religious groups at the start, the show now seems to be finding fans on that part of the political spectrum.

And not just because Groundskeeper Willie described the French as "cheese-eating surrender monkeys", a phrase enthusiastically adopted by some American neo-conservatives in the run-up to the Iraq war.

'Family and faith'

The Simpsons family eats together, plays together, prays together and stays together. Perhaps it's not so dysfunctional after all.

"It seems to be oppositional but at its base it's a very conservative show," says Mark Pinsky, who has written a book called The Gospel According to the Simpsons.

"Your family and your faith are the only things that will defend you from the crushing nature of American society."

Matt Groening
Simpson's creator Matt Groening likes to challenge authority
So what do the show's writers make of this?

"It's hard to be Che Guevara forever," says Tim Long, who is part of the writing team.

"Inevitably success makes you part of the establishment."

But he insists they haven't lost "the desire to spew venom on everyone and everything".

He maintains "anything we can make fun of, we will make fun of".

'Different dynamic'

Others think the show has changed and, for better or worse, lost its most vicious and subversive edges.

"In the earliest episodes there's a different dynamic in the family, it's nastier," according to Professor Paul Cantor, author of Gilligan Unbound: Pop Culture in the Age of Globalization.

"There's an early episode where the Simpsons have got to go to counselling and are set up in a system where they can give each other electric shocks and they do it with great glee.

"They wouldn't write an episode like that any more."

So perhaps in one sense The Simpsons have grown up.

Bart may still be 10, the age he was when the show started 18 years back, but like most youthful rebels, he is not quite the provocative and outrageous character he once was.

"Whose Side is Bart Simpson On?" was broadcast on BBC Radio 4 at 1030BST on Saturday, 30 June 2007. You can listen again using the link above.
Posted by Lonely Alan on
google search:
do you think dicks are getting bigger? Like from an evolutionary perspective
Posted by FishnChips4Brexit on
Posted by Snatcheweiser on
Can you hear the silence of the never ending stream of emptiness. Within you and around you the bitter emptiness. Because you realise the only thing that matters, that means anything at all is... Your coyness. Without it you are nothing. And nothing is everything. Without the ability to be a "coy boy" you return to the settling dust of being just another snatchweiser. You know what I mean... Stealing all the pussy.
Posted by Hoshua Jopper on
hello i am very obscure. i am writing some very obscure feedback.
Posted by Sir John Chill Cot on
Like a man who takes his time? ;)
Posted by Vanessa D'Amaritz on doesn't even come close to being as awesome as this site
Posted by The Milkman on
Oh that wasn't milk...

I'm afraid that was my own semen.
Posted by calcified malk on
M I L K,
M A N !
Posted by Bobberto on
Hello good sirs are there any shrubberies I may fornicate. I wish to plant my seed, heed my deed if you know what I mead (mead = mean) ;)
Posted by Julius McFuckFace on
Bob's bum, we love you...
Bob's bum, we dooo....

Bobberto McBrennenmeister is "in da house"


Oh go away, you wimp!

[Rap noise]

I am Bobert and I can rap
I've got the Bob-E android app
Yeah, fucking the trees
Because computer? How do I use that?
I've got tree porn on my smart phone
I fuck them till we're down to the bone-
-er, yeah!

Posted by hoodee anal on
I'm the aardvark king, my dicks's real blue.
I'm not a catholic and I'm not a Jew.
I'm gonna show each of you where I'm cumming from.
When I freeze you solid with my icy cold spum.
Posted by i dont have a name on
Posted by It happens to be August on
'(25 May 1756) Derby caught by Port Royal eating canes. Had him well flogged and pickled, then made Henry shit in his mouth.'
Posted by der Führer's face is the Master Race on
As a young boy he had shown natural talent for drawing. His gift for drawing had also been recognized by his high school instructors. But things had gone poorly for him in high school. He was a lazy and uncooperative student, who essentially flunked out. To escape the reality of that failure and avoid the dreaded reality of a workaday existence, Hitler put all his hope in the dream of achieving greatness as an artist.

He decided to attend the prestigious Vienna Academy of Fine Arts. In October 1907, at age eighteen, he withdrew his inheritance money from the bank and went to live and study in Vienna. Hitler's mother was by now suffering from breast cancer and had been unsuccessfully operated on in January. But Hitler's driving ambition to be a great artist overcame his reluctance to leave her.

He took the two day entrance exam for the academy's school of painting. Confident and self assured, he awaited the result, quite sure he would get in. But failure struck him like a bolt of lightning. His test drawings were judged unsatisfactory and he was not admitted. Hitler was badly shaken by this rejection. He went back to the academy to get an explanation and was told his drawings showed a lack of talent for artistic painting, notably a lack of appreciation of the human form. He was told, however, that he had some ability for the field of architecture.

But without the required high school diploma, going to the building school and after that, the academy's architectural school, seemed doubtful. Hitler resolved to take the painting school entrance exam again next year. Now, feeling quite depressed, Hitler left Vienna and returned home where his beloved mother was now dying from cancer, making matters even worse.
Posted by Bagpoop on
Greetings, i come from scat-land (yes, that'll do)
And i think we should rejoin the eu.
Yours sincerely, the SNPenis.
Posted by Trophonix on
Posted by B on
Angel-A Book by BooBy fett
I like to watch the rain fall down from the heavens. I watch Because I hope to see an angel fish. When I meet the angel fish I will confess my love to it by saying “did you fall from heaven? Because it looks like you landed on my face” the fish will fall for me immediately.
I hope to have 7 fish hyBrid children with my angel fish. Are they angels Because they come from the sky?
I have not seen an angel fish yet. I am just a lonely guy.
And this is my story…..
Posted by lack of dinner on
is it gay to eat

u r s e l f??
Posted by kenya on
will rise
Posted by Malnutrition on
Posted by NOT a chicken on
Why you are not carrying 144 delicious hard-boiled eggs right now is beyond me.
Posted by OLYNTICS 2K16 on

n u t
Posted by 9 times out of Jew on
The Holocaust Wasn't Real
by Simon Armitage

The Jews are making it up
Where's the evidence?
The Holocaust wasn't real
I'm shonking my head in disgust.
Posted by Port à Lou Joñ on
Casus belli?

More like casual smile.
a simple rose
Posted by fuNNyer jokes on
A midget psychic escaped from prison, the police say there's a small medium at large.
Posted by Jake "J-Dawg" Hurwitz on
It's bad.
Posted by juice goy on
sperm on my perm and feed me a germ
Posted by if you're here... on
Posted by shmuley botech on
is it gay if i keep the foreskins? asking for a ME
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Почти все водители, отдавая дань моде, желают поменять старенькую панель устройств на своем автомобиле Газель панелью нового образца. Статья посвящена «Газелевой приборке»: назначение, возможные неисправности. Дается аннотация по снятию и установке торпеды.
Назначение панели
Основное предназначение панели устройств – информировать водителя о текущем состоянии автомобиля. На Газели все приборы и индикаторы расположены на маленьком участке торпеды. Водители привыкают к такому расположению приборов.
Панель устройств старенького образца на Газели содержит от 3 до 5 круглых циферблата, которые окружены разными индикаторами. Наибольшими по размерам являются циферблаты тахометра и спидометра. Основным устройством считается спидометр, поэтому он постоянно находится по центру.
Третьим по размерам устройством является указатель температуры охлаждающей жидкости. Не считая этого, на приборке размещаются циферблаты зарядки аккумуляторной батареи, количества бензина. Пореже присутствует циферблат масла.
Приборка старенького образца
Обновленный внешний облик
Водители меняют старенькую приборку на бизнес панель по причине ее привлекательного внешнего облика. 2-ой предпосылкой замены будет то, что у панели устройств Газель бизнес расширенный функционал и большее количество способностей предоставления информации о работе кара.
Евро панель оснащена 2-мя большими циферблатами тахометра и спидометра и 2-мя маленькими, информирующими о количестве бензина и температуре ОЖ. Остальные индикаторы размещены по центру.
Простота евро панели упрощает водителю воспринимать информацию. Недочетом новой панели является сложность установки. Правда, распиновка содержится в инструкции. Если автолюбитель имеет опыт схожих работ, то ему не составит труда установить новейшую приборку.
Распиновка комбинации устройств Газели
Ежели установка выполнена правильно, то новая комбинация устройств работает исправно. Единственный недочет – слабенькая подсветка, которая ночью почти не видна. Рекомендуется установить светодиодную подсветку приборов и по всему периметру панели (создатель видео — Водила Челябинск).
На Газели установлено 20 индикаторов, сигнализирующих о том, что не работает некий из узлов либо датчиков автомобиля.
Ежели вкупе с одним из значков загорелась лампочка «Stop», лучше убрать неисправность до начала движения.
На щитке при помощи индикаторов выводится информация о состоянии основных узлов и агрегатов кара. Подробное описание о предназначении каждого из них можно отыскать в аннотации по установке и эксплуатации.
Типичные неисправности
Опосля подмены приборки возможны следующие неисправности:
не работает или часть приборов, либо вся панель;
останавливаются стрелки на приборах;
некорректные показания датчиков.
Решить делему можно следующими действиями:
Поначалу необходимо проверить питание: целостность проводов, качество контактов.
Ежели с проводкой все в порядке, возможно, что сломался контролер. Лучше поменять на сто процентов панель, чем ремонтировать контролер.
Датчики могут не работать, ежели нехороший контакт или перегорел предохранитель.
Вернуть работу датчиков можно попробовать нажатием клавиши «Режим».
При замене композиции приборов электроника не затрагивается, а конкретно с ней происходят неполадки. Решается проблема методом замены предохранителей и обновления проводки.
Горит лампочка Stop
Установка и снятие торпеды
Приборная панель входит в евро комплект на Газель. На крайних версиях она устанавливается на заводе. Водители старых моделей также желают обновить свою торпеду. Замена приборки не представляет ничего сложного: конструкция креплений почти не имеет различий, а место посадки панели совпадает по размерам.
Подмена торпеды тянет за собой значительные переделки, так как она различается и формой, и конструкцией креплений. Какие делать конфигурации, приходится обдумывать обладателю авто самому. Порой для ремонта печки приходится на сто процентов демонтировать торпеду. Для этого необходимо знать, как снять и установить торпеду назад. Для данной нам процедуры необходимо приготовить набор ключей и отверток. Может понадобиться помощник.
Демонтаж торпеды на Газели
Процедура снятия состоит из выполнения последующих шагов:
Перед началом работ в целях сохранности следует обесточить автомобиль. Для этого нужно снять минусовую клемму с аккумулятора.
сначала снимаются все накладки. Крестовой отверткой необходимо выкрутить винты крепления обивки.
Затем, открутив два винта, снимаем кожух с рулевой колонки.
Дальше снимаем накладку с панели устройств, вынимаем ее, потянув на себя руль до упора.
Откручиваем крепления комбинации приборов и демонтируем приборку, отсоединив все провода.
Дальше снимаем управляющую колонку совместно со всеми подключениями.
На следующем шаге отключаем электропитание освещения: задние противотуманные огни, внутреннее освещение. Также отключить необходимо электрокорректор фар.
Потом откручиваем болтовое крепление воздушной заслонки.
Отключаем тросик от карбюратора, открутив винт крепления оболочки тросика.
Дальше отключаем прикуриватель и аварийную сигнализацию.
Отверткой откручиваем два болта около управления печкой.
Открутив 10 болтов крепления панели, аккуратно снимаем ее с монтажного места.
Сейчас отсоединяем воздуховоды от дефлекторов.
Демонтируем заслонку карбюратора.
Демонтируем панель, отсоединив шланги воздуховодов печки.
Теперь можно снимать торпеду. Лучше это делать с помощником, потому что она чрезвычайно тяжелая.
Установка торпеды осуществляется в обратном порядке.
После установки новой торпеды могут не работать некие индикаторы из-за несовместимости строй и новой торпеды.
Установку евро панели рекомендуется для хозяев новейших моделей Газели, потому что при всем этом пригодится малое количество доработок. Для старенькых моделей следует рассматривать возможность подмены панели, потому что опосля подмены часто из-за несовместимости не работает электроника. Торпеду поменять можно, если она подойдет для данной модели автомобиля.
Видео «Снятие приборной панели на Газели»
В этом видео показывается, как снять панель приборов на автомобиле Газель (автол ролика — Евгений Логачев).

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Will not fingers the tips above until you have talked each value and the costs for labour. Some charges may not be readily noticeable, so ensure you know specifically whatever they are. This gives you an improved notion of what you will be billed. Will be the maintenance occasions established? Some slight maintenance can even be an throughout the day work.

If you are planning a highway journey, make certain you go and possess your car serviced. Prepare it a little bit in advance so that you will not be rushing to obtain it carried out with the very last minute. Even when your car feels great, you desire to be sure that you are going to reach your location and again without any problems.

Verify your mechanic's certification. Search for the NIAE seal off of endorsement. You should be able to believe in they already have some practical experience and expertise essential to work on your car.

If you're short on money, the repair section in professional colleges may possibly provide you with support at a small part of the fee. There your automobile will probably be handled by individuals discovering their create. They may be inexperienced, obviously, but they are beneath the watchful eyesight of any educated, seasoned auto technician.

Usually do not tumble prey to the belief you need to have a tune-up at any sort of time. Every single car is unique, along with the maker will suggest when you ought to provide the car within the store. By following that schedule, your vehicle is more likely to work properly.

Be sure you authenticate that the shop which you is properly registered. If they are not, there is most likely grounds for doing it, which could range between scams to defective maintenance. In no way make use of a store that is not going to maintain all the certificates that they can need to in order to function being a enterprise.

It's usually preferable to make an appointment with an automobile fix establishment rather than just decrease in. They should get components or get ready equipment to be able to handle your automobile. If you are not capable to create a scheduled visit, try not to drop in at the closing and opening from the store. They are the most busy times during working day as those who have meetings are decreasing away from or collecting their vehicles.

Good automobile repair comes about as a result of consistency. Don't pay a visit to various outlets every time you will need something completed. Should you continue planning to distinct outlets, you may pay out more in the long term. The portions it will cost you might fluctuate and you might have to spend a lot more.

Don't say yes to any assistance or offer a technician entry to your automobile until you are completely clear on expenses and labour. The important information should be plainly submitted in an genuine automobile mechanic shop. If it's not, proceed with caution and ask ample inquiries to discover just how much you will end up billed.

When acquiring improvements accomplished on the car, it is a good idea to pay for all of them with a credit card. if you are as if you have already been swindled, you are able to challenge the charges with your greeting card business. This might avoid the scammer from obtaining their practical all of your difficult-earned dollars.

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Всем этим и не один занимаются жилищно-коммунальные хозяйства. Посредством них зависит, насколько изрядно красивым и уютным ваш двор. И вот здесь ради приплод ЖКХ приходит сайт
Зайдя в список и настроив фильтр и строку поиска, заборщик найдёт здесь всё, какой ему нужно. Неужели есть такая должность, прайс-лист позволительно скачать с сайта. А разбирать перехватить из чего, вся продукция разделена чтобы шестнадцать категорий, а это более чем тысячу пятьсот наименований. Это и контейнеры для разных видов мусора, урны, цветочницы, скамейки, парковки дабы велосипедов, уличные тренажёры. Вся предоставленная продукция имеет детальное изображение, указаны её характеристики. Затем её изучения и сравнив цены, вы можете соблюдать заказ.
Предоставленная для сайте продукция способна удовлетворить самого требовательного заказчика. Необъятный комплект товара, большое разнообразие форм, размеров и цветов помогут выбрать необходимый товар. Через того, для каких нужд предназначен товар, зависит и вещество, из которого он изготовлен.
Буде же вам не подошла продукция, предоставленная в каталогах, или же вы имеете собственное игры о товаре, вы можете обещать чтобы сайте его изготовление. Предоставив необходимые чертежи alias эскизы, в самые кратчайшие сроки ваш заказ хватит выполнен. Наличие собственного производства площадью более 300м2 и оснащённого современного оборудования является гарантией получения высококачественной продукции.
Ведь от качества и долговечности товаров зависит и популярность фирм, которые занимаются благоустройством территорий. Чтобы оптом товар выдаётся обеспечение, которая подтверждается официальным документом.
Идеальный популярностью среди товаров, предоставленных в интернет-магазине "СнабТоп.ру", пользуются мусорные контейнеры и баки. И это не удивительно, ведь они изготовлены из прочного материала, долговечные, гигиенические, удобны в использовании. Модельная линейка их весьма разнообразна, представлены модели прелюдий чтобы частных домов, беспричинно и ради многоэтажек.
В наличии самые разнообразные модели урн для мусора, начиная от самых простых и заканчивая сенсорными моделями, которые открываются суд приближении человека. А урны из гранита и мрамора не только долговечны, токмо и благодатный подчёркивают респектабельность владельца.
Модельный шеренга скамеек тоже вконец разнообразный. Бетонные, чугунные, кованные, гранитные - всё зависит через возможностей и предпочтений заказчика.
Отдельной группой выделены детские игровые площадки, городки и комплексы. Учитывая повышенные требования к таким товарам, быть изготовлении их используются самые высококачественные материалы. Площадки и лестницы покрыты специальной резиной. Беспричинно казаться продукция довольно интенсивно использоваться, постоянно металлические части имеют двойную покраску и антивандальную защиту. Ежемгновенно навесные элементы изготовлены из качественного импортного полиэтилена, что гарантирует их долгий срок службы.
Большим количеством моделей представлены и цветочницы. Самыми распространёнными и популярными являются бетонные модели. Их очень почасту позволительно встретить в парках, чтобы улицах, во дворах частных домов. А вот цветочницы из нержавеющей стали подчёркивают лаконизм и необычность.
С каждым годом растёт цифра людей, которые предпочитают здоровый ухватка жизни. Чтобы таких людей для сайте предложен целый цепь моделей уличных тренажёров. Весь они имеют надёжное соединение и изготовлены из качественных материалов. Исключая того, на сайте предложены парковки чтобы велосипедов ради разное количество мест.
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The procedures, techniques, and principles of cosmetic surgery are from noddle to toe focused on enhancing a compliant’s appearance. Improving aesthetic implore, symmetry, and correlation are the latchkey goals. Cosmetic surgery can be performed on all areas of the head, neck, and body. Because the treated areas soir‚e appropriately, cosmetic surgery is elective. Cosmetic surgery is practiced near doctors from a variety of medical fields, including clayey surgeons.

The latitude of cosmetic surgery procedures includes:

Mamma Enhancement: Augmentation, Nullify, Reduction
Facial Contouring: Rhinoplasty, Chin, or Cheek Enhancement
Facial Rejuvenation: Facelift, Eyelid ‚lan, Neck Lift, Brow Nick
Core Contouring: Tummy Tuck, Liposuction, Gynecomastia Treatment
Layer Rejuvenation: Laser Resurfacing, Botox®, Filler Treatments
Persuasible Surgery: Focused on Repairing Defects to Reconstruct a Normal Experience & Air

Waxy surgery is defined as a surgical specialty dedicated to reconstruction of facial and essentials defects merited to childbirth disorders, trauma, burns, and disease. Shoddy surgery is intended to offset dysfunctional areas of the fuselage and is reconstructive in nature. While many clayey surgeons pick out to intact additional training and carry out cosmetic surgery as powerfully, the infrastructure of their surgical training remains reconstructive turn down surgery. In fait accompli, in 1999, the American Sisterhood of Paste and Reconstructive Surgeons changed its manoeuvre to the American Camaraderie of Waxy Surgeons to more strongly make oneself understood the address that “innocent and reconstructive surgeons are intact in the same.”¹

Examples of imitation surgery procedures:

Pith Reconstruction
Whim Repair Surgery
Congenital Blemish Plat: Cleft Palate, Margin Peccadillo Service
Cut Borders Reconstruction
Supervision Surgery
Blot Reassessment Surgery
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Trying to have a baby can be difficult and mysterious for some couples, but there are easier methods pregnant content articles follow these 5 important, but essential tips.

Pregnancy Miracle emphasizes natural and holistic methods to treating fertility. For the first time, I realized that the Western method for infertility therapy for this is fundamentally difficult.

Many fibroids patients support the lingering question of how to get pregnant with fibroids. They cannot help but wonder whether this is quite possible. There are many disturbing issues because it's tell unique safe for your mother and also the baby also. The good news is; you can actually get pregnant and you deliver a healthful baby. You should get some doctor's advice. All you have to ensure a person go your process as well as successfully. You should that will certainly face a problem with egg implantation. There is a few growth on the uterine wall membrane. This means that there is no space for embryo development.

Once your body is perfectly fit and healthy, you ought to improve your partner's lifestyle and eating habits. Remember, your man should purchase the stamina besides the required sperm count to assist the egg feed. But you need just one sperm to fertilize the egg, and may find millions with them. A sperm can fertilize the egg in the event that it is healthy which can be produced by a nourishing man. Thus, eating habits and life style does matter a lot for a great all natural pregnancy. These days, even female infertility is a problem. You need to talk gynecologist to ascertain if the ovulation takes place naturally.

"Normal" conception is is usually to way 2 people can accomplish their dreams of pregnant on the other hand this fails then it comes with usually the possibility of Ivf. This is time consuming method and still is quite costly and anxious should steer clear of this and use natural programs.

It is essential to conceptualize by knowing when your ovulation develops. These are the best days in order to conceive or 'make babies'. These days can vary with every person but generally these occur about 2 weeks after your last circuit.

When all is known and the ovulation start date is thought a couple can solve their issues on the way to get pregnant fast. Basically sexual intercourse must happen a few days before the ovulation starts so the sperm can fertilize the egg the proper way. There are some medical issues that a woman or man can have that can also prevent a couple from getting conceived fast. A person's continually in order to conceive then seeking medical help ought to be needed.
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Он просто обманывает, потому что очень почти все не имея компьютера не желают признаваться, что они обыденным в наше время устройством не пользуются. Или желания нет на самом деле и выходят в веб от случая к случаю либо нет возможности приобрести. Не так как денег нет, а так как собственного угла нет, скитается по миру, как придется, компьютер с собой не потаскаешь, а ноутбук кажется излишне, они же в нем не работают. А сеть уже затянула, вот человек и шифруется, что вроде как все, с вебом дружу, а то, что значок показывает, типо не знаю. Это просто отмазки, чтобы другой поверил.
Ну или вариант, что человек хочет показать, что он дома находится.
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По поводу отображения значка ВКонтакте можно вообщем не беспокоиться. Этот значок чрезвычайно нередко живет собственной жизнью и указывает то, что ему хочется. При этом он может демонстрировать, что человек, который в данный момент не находится в социальной сети, по мнению этого "грамотея" там на этот момент есть. Так-же и наоборот. То же самое касается отображения значка компьютера и телефона. Поэтому в хоть какой момент вы сможете огласить, что без понятия, что "чудит" эта социальная сеть. Никто не подтвердить не опровергнуть ваши слова не сумеет. В сети вы без труда отыщите очень много историй подтверждающих это утверждение. При этом, действительно, пару раз даже убеждался собственными очами в таковых "глюках".
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Если Вы про сайт вконтакте там там вообщем постоянно не корректно отображается информация, вот даже прикалывались на днях с дочкой.
Она посиживает вконтакте, я захожу на ее страницу и вижу, что там написано была на веб-сайте вчера во столько-то, а она час уже сидит не вылезая, как здесь вообщем можно верить.
Потом еще ежели зашел на страницу с компа и следом с телефона, отображается крайнее с телефона- это я на для себя испытала в одноклассниках.
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Вконтакте практически постоянно правильно показывает устройство, с которого юзер выходит в социальную сеть. Только в редких случаях замечал эту ошибку - вправду ошибку. Ну, а чтобы зайти в контакт на компьютере, но отображения шло как с телефона, то достаточно поставить перед адресом вк букву "m" и точку; другими словами, просто зайти с компьютера на мобильную версию. Вот и все - до боли просто и доступно.

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Как сделать голливудскую улыбку

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